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The National Contest Classes & Categories

Listed below are the official classes and categories for the 2023 IPMS/USA National Contest. A PDF copy of the offical classes and categories can be downloaded here.


If you or your chapter would like to sponsor one or several of the below categories for the 2023 Convention, please follow this link to the IPMS/USA webstore to make your purchase. As categories are purchased, we will update the sponsors below.

0. Juniors

Tom Kolk Best Junior Sponsored By: IPMS West Michigan Chapter
Aircraft Sponsored By:
10 Pre-teen John Bercaw
11 Teen Red River Modelers
Military Vehicles
20 Pre-teen IPMS Northern Virginia
21 Teen IPMS Sonoran Desert Modelers
30 Pre-teen IPMS Sonoran Desert Modelers
32 Teen Oklahoma Historical Modelers Society
40 Pre-teen IPMS Salem, Oregon
42 Teen In Memory of Ron Painter
50 Pre-teen IPMS Las Vegas
51 Teen Mid-Michigan Model Makers
70 Pre-teen Silverwings Sacramento Chapter
71 Teen Silverwings Sacramento Chapter
80 Pre-teen IPMS Las Vegas
81 Teen IPMS Las Vegas

I. Aircraft

Ken Roberts Best Aircraft Award Sponsored By: IPMS Fort Crook
Biplanes Sponsored By:
101 1/144 and 1/72 Thomas Copeland
103A 1/48 Oklahoma Historical Modelers Society
103B 1/32 Bolshevik Brothers
Small Aircraft: Single Engine, Prop
105-A 1/72: US/Allied Inline IPMS Houston
105-B 1/72: US/Allied Radial IPMS Lakes Region Scale Modelers
105-C 1/72: Axis Inline Lee Forbes
105-D 1/72: Axis Radial IPMS Northern Virginia
106 1/72: Basic Kit Build David Lockhart
107-A 1/48: US/Allied Inline Obscureco Aircraft
107-B 1/48: US/Allied Radial IPMS Gateway Chapter
107-C 1/48: Axis Inline Emerald Coast Modelers
107-D 1/48: Axis Radial Twin City Aero Historians
108 1/48: Basic Kit Build ShutterAce(Jim Deck)
Medium Prop Aircraft
111 1/72 IPMS Lincoln - Scott Sumison
113 1/48 IPMS Memphis
Large Prop, Multi-Engine Aircraft
115 1/72 Damon Blair
117 1/48 IPMS Canada - Hamilton
Medium & Large Prop, Multi-Engine Aircraft
118 1/72: Basic Kit Build Mark Schynert
120 1/48: Basic Kit Build Bob Sanchez
Small Jet
121 1/72 Skyhawk Association
122 1/72: Basic Kit Build Jeffry Dobbins, CPA
125 1/48 Bullseye Model Aviation
126 1/48: Basic Kit Build Peter Gatehouse
Large Jet
129 1/72 Jack Wyzlic - Polish Coast Watchers
130 1/72: Basic Kit Build IPMS Southern Air Craftsmen
131 1/48 Bob Sanchez
132 1/48: Basic Kit Build IPMS Denver - Rob Wolf Chapter
1/32 Aircraft
135 Propeller-Driven Mike Krizian in memory of Brian Phillipson
137 Jet-Powered Michael Lamar
138 Basic Kit Build IPMS Duneland
1/144 Aircraft
141 Small Mike Brickman
143 Large Fred & Bobbi Hall
144 Basic Kit Build James and June Kelley
Rotary Wing (civil or military)
151 1/144 and 1/72 IPMS Atlanta
153 1/48 and 1/32 Twin City Aero Historians
154 Basic Kit Build Huntsville Plastic Modelers Society
Civil, Sport, Racing, and Air Taxis
157 1/144 and 1/72 IPMS Northeast New York
161 1/48 and 1/32 IPMS Roanoke Valley
162 Basic Kit Build Alec Krikava
Airliners, Airliner Types, and Airships
163 1/144 IPMS Jim Galloway
165 1/72, 1/48, and 1/32 Joseph Youngerman
166 Basic Kit Build Grand Strand Scale Modelers
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
167 All entries IPMS Alamo Squadron
Elevated Displays
175 All Entries Chicago Sprue Stretchers
181 All entries Walter Split & John Durrant in Memory of Bill Koster
183 All entries IPMS ZIA Scale Modelers
185 All entries IPMS Marietta Scale Modelers
191-A Vignette, 1/144 and 1/72 Mark Sandvigen
191-B Vignette, 1/48 and 1/32 Aggieland Modeling Club
193 Dioramas Bruce Culver in Memory Of Shep Paine

II. Military Vehicles

Art Gerber Best Military Vehicle Award Sponsored By: Black Widow Model Disposal Co.
1/35 Military Vehicles
(including tanks, assault guns, and self-propelled guns)
Sponsored By:
200-A Closed-top AFVs, through Korea, Axis Light and Medium AMPS USA in Memory of Mark Ford
200-B Closed-top AFVs, through Korea, Axis Heavy IPMS Northern Virginia
200-C Closed-top AFVs, through Korea, Allied DB Scale Model Studio
200-D Closed-top AFVs, through Korea, Other IPMS Jim Galloway
201-A Closed-top AFVs, post-Korea, NATO Michael Mummey, MSgt, USMC (Ret)
201-B Closed-top AFVs, post-Korea, Warsaw-Pact and Russian In Memory of Mark Ford
201-C Closed-top AFVs, post-Korea, Other Albuquereque Scale Modelers
206-A Open-top AFVs or AFVs with Interiors, Axis THE DARK SIDE
206-B Open-top AFVs or AFVs with Interiors, Allied The Sultans of Sprue
206-C Open-top AFVs or AFVs with Interiors, Other IPMS First Coast Chapter
209 Armored Cars Baton Rouge Scale Modelers
210 Armored Halftracks In Memory of Mark Ford
211 Soft-skinned Military Vehicles IPMS Denver - Rob Wolf Chapter
1/48 Military Vehicles
212 Tracked Tom Moon
213 Wheeled IPMS Fort Crook
1/72 Military Vehicles
218-A Fully Tracked, through Korea, Allied IPMS Baltimore
218-B Fully Tracked, through Korea, Axis Jon Caldwell
218-C Fully Tracked, through Korea, Other John C. Lewis, COL, USMC RET - SEMPER FI
219 Fully Tracked, post Korea Roc City Modelers
220 Armored Cars and Armored Half-tracks Central Pennsylvania IPMS
221 Soft-skinned Military Vehicles The Model Couple: Eugenie & Randy
Artillery Pieces
223 All entries IPMS Wings & Wheels Modelers
Conversions and Scratch-Built
228 All entries Paul Gaertner
Kit-Bash Conversions
229 All entries IPMS Delaware Valley Scale Modelers
Multi- or Towed Vehicles, non-diorama display
235 All entries Central Pennsylvania IPMS
Basic Kit Build
240-A 1/35 Closed-top AFVs, through Korea, Axis Panzer Concepts
240-B 1/35 Closed-top AFVs, through Korea, Allied IPMS Plastic Surgeons
240-C 1/35 Closed-top AFVs, Other Central Texas Scale Modelers Society
241 1/35 Open-top AFVs and AFVs with Interiors IPMS Alamo Squadron
242 1/35 Armored Cars and Half-tracks Dibbles Hobbies
243 1/35 Soft-skinned Vehicles Arizona AMPS
244 1/48 AFVs, Open- and Closed-top Bruce Culver
245 1/48 Armored Cars, Half-tracks, and Soft-skinned Vehicles Hampton Roads Scale Modelers
246 1/72 AFVs, Open- and Closed-top The Divine Scale Society
247 1/72 Armored Cars, Half-tracks, and Soft-skinned Vehicles "IPMS Freeloaders"
250 1/49 and Smaller Centennial IPMS
251-A 1/48 and Larger, Vignette Central Florida AMPS
251-B 1/48 and Larger, Diorama Ron Bell

III. Figures

Best Figure Sponsored By: Hill Country Hobby
Dismounted and Mounted Sponsored By:
300 53mm and smaller IPMS Missouri Ozarks Scale Specialists
305-A 54mm - 70mm, Pre-1900 IPMS Houston
305-B 54mm to 70mm, 1900 to Present Ted & Susan Andreas
306-A 71mm and Larger, Pre-1900 Small Subjects Podcast
306-B 71mm and Larger, 1900 to Present Rhino's Hobby Tools & More
Mounted or With Mount
312 54mm and Larger IPMS Alamo Squadron
Conversions and Scratch-Built
317 All entries The Plastic Posse Podcast
Fantasy & Science Fiction
322 53mm and Smaller IPMS Patriot Chapter
323-A 54mm - 120mm: Fantasy Joseph Smith
323-B 54mm - 120mm: Science Fiction IPMS Pelikan Scale Modelers
325 All entries Mooresville/Race City Modelers
327 Pre-1900
328 1900 to Present IPMS Washington D.C.
329 Fantasy, Science Fiction and Others Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
330 Vignette Centennial IPMS
332 Diorama IPMS Sonoran Desert Modelers

IV. Ships

Best Ship Sponsored By: IPMS Roscoe Turner - USS Indianapolis
Aircraft Carriers Sponsored By:
400 1/700 IPMS Fort Crook
401 1/350 IPMS Tidewater
Battleships, Battlecruisers, and Cruisers
402 1/700 IPMS Roanoke Valley
403 1/350: Battleships, Battlecruisers, & Cruisers IPMS Gateway Chapter
Other Surface Ships, smaller than cruiser-sized
404 1/700 IPMS Delaware Valley Scale Modelers
405 1/350 IPMS Alamo Squadron
407 All entries David Lockhart - IPMS/USA President
Early Steam and Sail
408 All entries Bathtub Admirals
412 1/700 Dr. Michael McFadden
413-A 1/350: pre-1946 The Nautilus Drydocks
413-B 1/350: 1946 to present The SubCommittee
415 1/72 The SubCommittee
Boats, Speedboats, Motor Torpedo Boats, Motor Patrol Boats
418 All entries In Memory of GM2 James Kelley, USN. PT 466, RON 31
Naval Technology
420 All entries Nautilus Models
Conversions and Scratch-Built
423 All entries The Nautical Research Guild
Basic Kit Build
426 All Entries IPMS Patriot Chapter
430 Vignette IPMS Washington D.C.
431 Diorama

V. Automotive

Best Automotive Sponsored By: Houston Automotive Modelers Society
Factory Production Sponsored By:
500 1/32 Edward Mele
501-A 1/24, 1959 and older body IPMS Plastic Surgeons
501-B 1/24, 1960 and newer body Modeling With The Matts
Hot Rods, Street Rods, and Street Machines
506 Hot Rods and Street Rods IPMS Metro Oklahoma City
507 Street Machine In Loving Memory of Matt Sherwood
512 All entries In Loving Memory of Matt Sherwood
Competition Vehicles
516 1/32 Jon Caldwell
517-A 1/24, Drag Racing, Modified Street and Purpose Built Jack Johnston
517-B 1/24, Open Wheel IPMS SWAMP Chapter
517-C 1/24, Closed Wheel Huntsville Plastic Modelers Society
Large Scale
529 1/16 IPMS Missouri Ozarks Scale Specialists
Conversions & Scratch-Built
534 All entries David Von Almen
Documented Replicas
535 All entries IPMS Alamo Squadron
Commercial Vehicles
539 Light Commercial In Memory of Pat Whipple
540 Heavy Commercial IPMS Alamo Squadron
545 All Entries Rowdy Bricco
550 All Entries IPMS SWAMP Chapter
Automotive Technology & Culture
580 All entries “P. A.” Aguirre - IPMS Silicon Valley Scale Modelers
Basic Kit Build
590 Factory Stock “P. A.” Aguirre - IPMS Silicon Valley Scale Modelers
591 Hot Rods, Street Rods, Street Machines, and Customs IPMS Roanoke Valley
592 Competition Dem Brudders: www.2modeler.com
596 All Entries

VI. Space and Science Fiction Vehicles

Best Space/Science Fiction Sponsored By: Space In Miniature
Real Spacecraft, Missiles, and Vehicles (kits and scratch-built) Sponsored By:
600 Real Spacecraft, Missiles, and Vehicles IPMS Gator Modelers
601 Hypothetical Design Galveston Bay Area Scale Modelers
Science Fiction and Fantasy Subjects
605 Star Trek: From Kits Space in Miniature
606 Star Wars: From Kits Frederick Fernandez
607 Gundam: From Kits IPMS Denver - Rob Wolf Chapter
608 Mecha (Robots, Etc.): From Kits Flying Tiger Scale Model Builders
609 Other Vehicles or Vessels Robert Schorry
610 Conversions and Scratch-built Robert Beach
Basic Kit Build
628 All Entries IPMS Western Reserve Chapter
630 All Entries Mike Schine

VII. Miscellaneous

Best Diorama Sponsored By: Dibbles Hobbies
Dinosaurs Sponsored By:
700 All entries Three Rivers IPMS Pittsburgh
Humor in Modeling
710 All entries IPMS Marietta Scale Modelers
720 Kit-Based James Pernikoff
721 Kit-Bashed / Scratch-built IPMS Tidewater In Memory Of Bill Brickhouse
730 All entries Allan Thomas
740 All entries Jeffry Dobbins, CPA
IPMS Chapter/Group Entry
750 All entries IPMS Alamo Squadron
760 All entries IPMS Richard I. Bong Chapter
Basic Kit Build
770 Hypothetical
771 Triathlon IPMS Des Moines Hawkeye Modelers
772 Miscellaneous IPMS Spruce Goose
780 Miscellaneous Dioramas

Additional IPMS/USA Contest Awards

  1. Best of Class awards will be given in each of the eight classes listed below. The best-of-class winner is selected from the first-place winners in each class.
    • Tom Kolk Best Junior Model
    • Ken Robert Best Aircraft Award
    • Art Gerber Best Military Vehicle Award
    • Best Figure Award
    • Best Ship Award
    • Best Automotive Award
    • Best Space or Science Fiction Award
    • Best Miscellaneous Award
  2. The Best Diorama Award will be selected from the first-place winners in each of the diorama categories
  3. The Best Use of an IPMS/USA Convention Special Decal will be selected by IPMS/USA Past Presidents from among any of entries in the contest which use a Convention Special Decal, and as noted by the entrant on the model entry form.
  4. Theme Awards will be selected from among any of the entries in the contest which meet the parameters of the designated theme, and as noted by the entrant on the model entry form. Click here for the list of the 2023 Theme Awards.
  5. Best of Class Awards will be given in each of the eight classes listed above, and are selected from the first-place winners in the categories within each class.
  6. The Jim Sage Popular Best-in-Show award will be given as selected by majority vote (by ballot) of the attendees of the convention (registrants and general public attendees).
  7. The George Lee Judges Grand Award will be given as selected from the Best of Class award recipients, as selected by the National Contest Committee (Class Head Judges and Chief Judge).
  8. Manufacturer or Special Interest Group (SIG) Awards can be sponsored/selected by various manufacturers, organizations, and special interest groups. These awards must conform to Rule III-5. Also, see Rule III-6: entrant must sign up specifically for these special awards. Any such awards expected to be announced by IPMS at the Convention or in its Journal magazine must be accompanied by sponsorship of at least one regular category awards package. The screening/selection for these awards is not accomplished by IPMS/USA judging teams; they are selected by the sponsors/sponsors' selected teams. They will be chosen while the contest room is open to public viewing, and the awards placed/presented prior to the awards banquet at the convenience of the sponsor.
  9. The honorariums or named best-of awards in paragraphs 1, 3, and 4 have been approved by the NCC for the three year-period of 2022 through 2024, per Rule III-7.

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